I am teaching primarily spatial data science, either as a semester-long course at the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development of Charles University in Prague or as workshops of variable length, some of which are listed below.

Spatial Data Science for Social Geography


The course introduces data science and computational analysis using open source tools written in the Python programming language to the curriculum of students of geography. The course is taught in person at Charles University in Prague from October 2023 under the code MZ340V17. Available at martinfleischmann.net/sds.

Office hours for MZ340V17

Students enrolled in MZ340V17 can book a slot to discuss the assignment via cal.com/martinfleis/sds. The slots are available two weeks ahead and must be booked at least a day in advance.

Topics for Bachelor and Master theses

Students are invited to work on bachelor’s or master’s theses on topics linked to the research areas of the ongoing projects and on the general scope of the work within the team. Note that with some exceptions of urban morphology, primarily quantitative methods are expected to be used.

See the list of proposed topics.

Past workshops