Introduction to GeoPandas and its Python ecosystem

A talk from the OpenGeoHub Summer School 2022.

The ecosystem of packages for spatial data handling and analysis in Python is extensive and covers both vector and raster analytics from small to large distributed data. This talk covers only a small part, focusing on vector data processing with GeoPandas at its core. First, it covers what GeoPandas is and how it relates to other packages and combines them into a user-friendly API. Then it looks at what GeoPandas enables with a light introduction to PySAL Python Spatial Analysis Library for spatial statistics and modelling. The final part touches on the scalability issue and introduces how to handle parallel computation and big data using GeoPandas and Dask. All of that is illustrated by hands-on tasks on real-world data.

Fleischmann, Martin: Introduction to GeoPandas and its Python ecosystem. OpenGeoHub Summer School 2022 – KISTE project workshop, OpenGeoHub Foundation, 2022.